28 Mar 2011

Today Swami Vishwananda was looking at this Miracle

As St Theodora was dying, she wished that her hairs become trees and her body a chapel. Since centuries this miracle can be seen in Peloponese. Huge trees are growing on a small chapel roof.

24 Mar 2011

Worldwide OM Healing with over 1'000 people

Based on reports we received from a number of OM Healing groups, an estimated well over 1'000 people participated in last Saturday's worldwide monthly full moon OM HEALING session dedicated to JAPAN!
Currently there are over 300 active OM Healing groups across the globe, and many* join in when we come together once a month for a joint big international OM Healing session during a full moon period. For example in our group here in Springen at Shree Peetha Nilaya we had around 50 participants, or in Cudrefin/Switzerland there were well over 30 participants, and so while we do not currently systematically collect statistical data, we can confidently say that our estimate is solid.
When we come together and join our forces to help others, whether it is in OM Healing or in common prayer, we can achieve astonishing things. Even though the people of Japan do not know us personally, and vice-versa, we hope that our joint chanting was strong enough to touch them in a significant way, providing strength, healing and comfort.

23 Mar 2011

A new Swami

Yesterday, during a wonderful sunny springday, Swami Vishwananda welcomed a new Swami in his Family. It is Shash from Durban /SA and his new name is:
Swami VishwaChakraDharAnanda
Now there are together with:
Swami VishwaVijayAnanda (Germany)
Swami VishwaAnashuyAnanda (Germany)
Swami VishwaKuruNandhanAnanda (Germany)
Swami VishwaParanthapAnanda (South Africa)
5 Swamis.

20 Mar 2011

Sri Chaitanya Jayanti

At Shree Peetha Nilaya, Springen, our morning prayer of yesterday Saturday was dedicated to Sri Chaitanya, also called Gauranga, the Golden Avatar. As it was his appearance day called "Sri Chaitany Jayanti".
Here are some pictures of the altar after the prayer showing Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda, as well as Radha Krishna and Shree Mahalakshmi.
More pictures can be found on the Facebook channel of Swami.
We also sang the beautiful Gaura Aarti again after a long break, it was really nice.
P.S.: By the way, Swami in parallel inaugurated a temple in Szczecin/Poland dedicated to Radha Krishna.

18 Mar 2011

Berlin Darshan - Live Update

The first pictures from the Darshan in Berlin just arrived a little while ago.
Over 300 guests made it into the hall of the Freie Waldorfschule Kreuzberg. Many friends also from Poland (a warm "cześć!" to you! :)). We're told that the atmosphere is very nice.
Swami spoke about the four forms of Yoga: Karma, Bhakti (the best! ;)), Jnana & Raja Yoga - and that everyone has to find their very own way to God.

Vibhuti covering the walls

Swami Vishwananda was about fourteen years old and attending college, when He called me at work. “Do you know Aunty, today vibhuti has appeared in my room”? He sounded quite confused and didn’t understand what was happening. I told him not to worry, that we would visit his room with our family after work to see what was happening. When we arrived, everyone was amazed to see vibhuti covering the room and coming out of the walls. Everyone at first thought it was damp flakes coming from the walls themselves. An aunt who lived in the same yard tried to wipe the vibhuti off with a cloth but was unable to do so and felt dizzy. When she went back to her own house, the pavement in front of the door was also covered with vibhuti. Swami’s mother was shocked and surprised at what was happening. But soon after the appearance of the vibhuti, people came from the neighbourhood, surrounding areas and soon from all corners of Mauritius to see for themselves the miracles that were taking place.

12 Mar 2011

2011 Mahashivaratri with Sri Swami Vishwananda

Sri Swami Vishwananda: (after chanting Panduranga Hari & Panduranga Vittale Vittale with devotees) "I was saying, you know, after midnight that I will tell you about Shivaratri and that is Shivaratri."

SSV: "What is Shivaratri? Actually, Shivaratri is when you forget about your mind and what dwells only in your mind is the Divine. Actually, right now when you were singing and chanting Panduranga Vittale Vittale, Panduranga Vittale Vittale, you were not thinking. You were just chanting the Name of God and by the movement you didn’t think of anything. You were just concentrating on the vibration that was coming out from what you were chanting, no? And that’s what is Shivaratri, actually, which is uplifting you and really awakening what is deep inside of you.

(excerpt from Swamiji's talk "What is Shivaratri?")

Hear Swamiji chanting "Panduranga..." on his podcast channel:

7 Mar 2011

Darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya

Saturday night there was Darshan at Shree Peetha Nilaya. The atmosphere was very deep and uplifting. More then 400 people were staying into the morning singing bhajans. The temple was so very full of Love.
After darshan, Swamiji led devotees in more bhajans and dancing. Then He led the chanting of Panduranga Hari & Panduranga Vittala Vittala for Sri Narayanaji, who was with us so palpably & potently in the form of the Hiranyagarbalingams, thus bringing us all into the state of Divine Ecstacy and that wonderful place of no mind.

3 Mar 2011

2nd Golden Lingam

Rarest and most auspicious occurence! Sri Swami Vishwananda gave birth to a second Hiranyagarbha Golden Lingam this afternoon. They symbolize the two eyes of Narayana and the two creational forces of the Universe (female/male, Shakti/Shiva, etc.).

Swamji said about the Lingams: They are the two eyes of Narayana. They symbolize the unity of the forces of the two hemispheres of the world and the Universe, which is governed by these two cosmic energies, which are the female and the male energy, which makes everything come into manifestation. The two Lingams symbolize these two cosmic energies: Shakti-Shiva, Lakshmi-Narayan, Brahma-Vishnu. Lord Narayana shows that all is present within Him –The Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer is only Him. The big I is only Him. There is no You. Nothing exists other than Him.

Identify yourself with the higher spirit of the cosmic energy which is inside of you. This will help you to burn all your negative karma, pride and ego which is inside of you. This will raise you toward your True Self. Do the Manasa Puja (worship in the mind) inside your mind. Let your mind transcend the duality of what you see. Let it merge into the sublime and know that it is only Him who exists inside of you. So do it through the mind. It is very difficult to control, but not impossible to control. When you sit for meditation, see the Lingam inside and outside of you.

2 Mar 2011

Hiranyagarbha Golden Lingam

At about 9 pm Swami Vishwananda gave birth to the Golden Lingam (Hiranyagarbha-Lingam). In his speech he told us, that the Lingam will stay with us for 3 days. Everybody can come to receive Darshan from Lord Hiranyagarbha.

1 Mar 2011