30 Jul 2012

New Temple

Soon the Temple with all the Murtis will move back to its old place in Building A near the Lighthall.

We renovated the whole room: new wallpaper, new lighting and a new carpet!

The last weeks Kalpit did a good job: he built a wonderful new Altar in the way that Swamiji wanted to have it:

Right now he is adding the last finishing touches before Gitanjali from Portugal comes to do the painting.

28 Jul 2012


Slowly but surely we are on our way to reopening. (Sometime between Christmas and Navaratri.)
Since Germany is a very organised country - which has its advantages, there are lots of rules:
For example, the parking of cars by visitors at events. There escape routes must be kept clear.

You see the small speakers: Bhajans running the whole time! They had fun!

We have now counted all existing parking spaces (120) and Seva volunteers are doing a very good job and highlighting them.

Park within the markings!
Try to find car-sharing partners!

There should be NO cars on the access road to the centre. If someone parks here, their car will be towed, at their own expense!
Additional parking in the village is possible near the village community house. (5 min walk). On the street inside the village you should park correctly, otherwise you may receive a parking ticket!
The community of Heidenrod is supporting us in finding an additional parking site which our guests can use during big events.

23 Jul 2012

Sunday Morning Prayer with Swamiji

Anyone who has watched the live stream on Sunday morning, could see Swami Vishwananda at the Morning Prayer in the Temple.

It's always amazing how much energy is around when Swamiji is here! - It feels so good!
When you let the live stream run during your cozy breakfast at home, and are aware with all your senses, then you can also feel this energy - amazing!

 Or on the Bhakti Marga webpage, click on the icon on the top left.

17 Jul 2012

Krishna Retreat with Sri Swami Vishwananda

On the weekend 10th -11th of August the Krishna Retreat with Sri Swami Vishwananda will take place.

Who was there at the retreat in Steffenshof in 2007, knows how amazing it was. 
Swamiji went totally inside the Krishna mood - he spoke so nicely about Krishna's time, and what happened. It was so wonderful to be with him - he even got the shimmer of Krishna's black-blue skin!

The event will be held in the tent - the places are limited and the participants can bring their own statues/murtis for the celebration in the evening. The cost of this retreat is 300,-€.
For more information and for registration click here.
Or phone: +49 (0)6124 605 9000 (between 14:00 - 17:00, Tuesday - Saturday)

12 Jul 2012

Regardfulness aud respect towards Swamiji

As more and more people come to the events with Swami Vishwananda and want to see Him, we have a big request:

Everyone would like to be as close to Swamiji as possible, but naturally there are limits.

Swami Vishwananda goes about the centre in his loving and relaxed way - even in jeans and a T-shirt - this is not, however, an invitation to run after him, just to ask him a few questions - NOT at all!

Swamiji knows exactly what one has on his mind and heart - he knows whom he needs to talk to and why he is on the way through the entrance hall in that moment. Trust him and connect with him inside of you! This is done through prayer - you can be sure that he will help!

We therefore ask everyone NOT to run after Swamiji with questions, or to follow him if he wants to go already. Only touch his feet (with his permission) in an appropriate moment, and not when he is walking or having a private conversation with someone.

Please help with this, so that we can create and maintain a space in which Swamiji can move freely and comfortably in his own centre!

Thank you for your help and support.

7 Jul 2012


The day after Guru Purnima, Swami Vishwananda had the idea to take a couple of new photos for the shop.
Such an opportunity is rare - we had to be fast - and we were fast! We picked Vatsala, a photographer from Russia, and without much effort, on the way from the Kali temple to the main building - she shot some nice pictures, including portraits!
In the near future they can be bought in the shop.

6 Jul 2012

Swamiji's Flag

In the afternoon, just in time for Guru Purnima, the banner ordered for Swami Vishwananda arrived.

We have long wanted to bring the old flagpole back on track.
Then, Kalpit, as though he would have had a lot of experience in this, in the present and previous lifetimes, climbed a huge ladder and fixed the ropes.
Now we have a flag indicating - if it is raised - that Swami Vishwananda is here in the centre!

2 Jul 2012

Swami VishwaKeshavananda

 Deveshananda hardly got his high school diploma in hand and was finished with school, when Swami Vishwananda initiated him as one of his Swamis.

This all took place during the Gayatri Yagna ceremonies and was pretty exciting - especially since Swami Vishwananda prompted (ex-) Devesh to sit in his seat and then there, he revealed some of his future tasks.

So, there are now 7 Swamis and 3 Swaminis around Swami Vishwananda.

Soon after that, the Gayatri Aarti was sung with many concluding "..... Ki Jai's" ...

1 Jul 2012

Darshan 5th July cancelled!

Please note:

the Darshan on the 5th of July (thursday) is cancelled. There will be only 1 Darshan next week on the 4th of July (Wednesday) 

Gayatri Yagna, Saturday

For some more pictures plese click here