22 Sep 2013

Bus trip to the Sri Kamadchi-Ampal - Temple in North Germany

After we celebrated last Friday morning, together with Sri Swami Vishwananda, Sri Radha's birthday in our temple (the ceremonies began early at 6:00 and went until 10:00 clock) a trip to the Temple of Sri Kamadchi-Ampal at Hamm (North Rhine Westphalia) was planned. We were all invited for the head Swami's 50th Birthday!

For this purpose we rented a big bus. Each of the residents had paid his share, and only a few remained at home around the centre to "protect" it and do the prayers.
Because of the Friday afternoon traffic, we arrived a little late but we quickly saw that everything worked "Indian style" : There was no specific timetable, or if there was one, it was not important.

As Swami Vishwananda arrived at the large, beautifully decorated marquee, he was welcomed heartfully and brought up to the stage. There were gifts and malas back and forth presented and he was asked to take place there next to the birthday Swamiji.

There were some songs that were sung by different singers, in between some speeches in Tamil and some beautiful traditional Indian dances, then speeches - and speeches...

Here you can see that was a kind of desk on the stage built up to coordinate all the speeches which where very impressive but, unfortunately for us, not understandable! 

Meanwhile we went to the temple and came in time for the procession of Sri Kamadchi that was pushed on a golden chariot through the temple, accompanied by drums and very loud Kalmai sound (... we need a Kalmai!). Very impressive - we had landed in the middle of India!

Unfortunately we had to leave on time at 21:00 again - as it was the schedule of the bus driver, but he made it possible for us to enjoy a fast but wonderful Indian dinner. We ended up arriving home very late at night!

It was wonderful to go on a lovely short trip with our Guruji! Thank you!