18 Sep 2013

Inauguration of the Krishna Garden Temple in Cudrefin (Switzerland)

In November 2008 Swami Vishwananda came to Switzerland to inaugurate the Kamala Netra Krishna Temple in Cudrefin at Payoja’s home. The building is surrounded by a wonderful temple garden. 

Often when Payoja was working in the temple garden she would chant the Krishna Maha Mantra for her beloved Krishna. One day Krishna asked her to build a temple for Him underneath an old, beautiful red beech tree. Since she loves the colourful temples of India she knew that Krishna’s new home should be built in the old Indian tradition and style. She used Murano glass and silver mirror pieces to increase the brilliance of the colours. In front of the temple there is a big and neat yagya place for many participants.

Guruji promised to come and inaugurate the temple on the 15th of September. As many of you know, Dharmananda, a very dear devotee of Swami Vishwananda and musician and friend of all of us, left his body a day before. We couldn’t expect Guruji to come - but he came. 50 people, including many new devotees were given the chance to experience Guruji’s love and grace while he was inaugurating the temple with a Kalash Puja and painting Krishna’s new face. He painted Him with big open eyes that are looking at us lovingly.

Guruji explained that during a Prana Pratishta ceremony (a hindu ceremony in which a murti is given life) a Murti is also given a name. Krishna had come on earth to sustain and bring back righteousness and thus Guruji gave our new Krishna the name Dharma Raj – Guardian of Righteousness. He also received this name in remembrance of Dharmananda.