10 Sep 2013

Darshan in Prague

Darshan in Prague - all together in Love.

Sports hall on Chodově, on the suburb of Prague,  local residents use for sports and trainings, was on Sunday 8 September witnessed an unusual event... long queue, that are here in the afternoon began to form, was a surprise for them and promised that will happen here something truly extraordinary !
Indeed, yes !!!
Over 1 000 people gathered here, after two long years to see Sri Swami Vishwananda in Czech Republic.

Message, that Swami arrives to Czech, caught us totally unprepared (next darshan of Swami Vishwananda was planned for autumn 2014). After overcoming the initial     "shock", that we have for preparing just a little over two weeks, we said that we will certainly do it !  ;-)

And so we instead of simple and calm Maha OM Healing, which was scheduled for that weekend, began plan big event... Get together all necessary equipment for the big event like darshan is not really easy, and is not also easy to coordinate everything,  often it was literally “hectic” and also a great test for all of us, how we can join together and forget our ego ...phones constantly rang and many of us slept in those days only three hours per day. But in the end everything was prepared!

and we were satisfied…
Swamiji arrived a day earlier, to look at some interesting places associated with Czech history and its saints, but on Sunday has rushed to spread His Love to the hall full of people.

For many was a meeting with Him for first time, linked with a certain curiosity, and they literally devoured information about him, about his teaching as well as Atma Kriya, there were over 600 new people!

During the long wait in the queue for darshan sometimes sounded loud BHAJÓÓÓ...! that people quickly learned, and gave us always new energy!

Hastily assembled band of Czech musicians, accompanied by guests from India, England and Russia was perfectly aligned. It is seen that when all join together in Love, then everything goes much easily.
So, next year again? We all already looking forward...
And  thanks to you, Dear Guruji !
Also thanks from heart to all of you who contributed donations or contributions or  helped us. Without you it would not be possible to organize darshan.

Rohini, Czech Republic