25 Jun 2009

Brain tumor healing

As I was in Mauritius last year, Yogeshini told me this story: "I first met Swami Vishwananda on the 15th December 1995. People had been asking me to go and see Him previous to this occasion, but something always got in the way and I think that perhaps the time was not yet ripe for me to meet Him. I first met Him through a lady who was very ill at the time, as she was suffering from leukemia and a brain tumor. While she was at the clinic seeking advice from the doctors, I went with one of her relatives to seek help from Swami. Swami said “Listen, she will come to see me this Sunday morning straight from the clinic.” Just as He had predicted, she visited Swami Vishwananda on Sunday morning straight after she had attended the clinic. Since that day medical treatments, together with Swami’s blessings, have kept her in good health".