15 Jul 2009

A small miracle

When you pray to Swami, he is right on the spot, close to you. Pari had this amazing experience:

"Once I was together with my mum and my dog in the car on the way back home. We had a long day and we just had the wish to reach back home as soon as possible. We drove a little bit too fast and didn’t recognize that a police car was just behind our car. The traffic light was nearly red but we couldn’t stop because we had too much speed. The police saw it and decided to follow us. We had no idea what to tell them and we knew that we had done wrong. We prayed to Swamiji, that he would help us to handle the situation. At this moment we could feel his energy very strong and we calmed down. We drove into a side road to see if they were still following us and they were. We tried to find some words to tell the police and stopped our car. The police car came closer; they looked in our car with a strange mien and turned around! "