31 Jul 2009

A big lesson

Swami Vishwananda teachs in the daily life. As a true master he tests also the disciple. Pari wrote us her experience in this matter:
"I went to see Swamiji in Switzerland a few years ago. I wanted to do the whole tour and I drove from one end to the other. There was a Satsang on one evening and I wanted to give him a nice postcard. I’m always very excited when I have the chance to talk to him. A lot of people formed a queue after the Satsang and one by one had a talk with Swami Vishwananda. I waited till the end of the line and went to him with a red face which was a result of my excitement. I wanted to give him the card but the only thing he said was: “The German people can come in Germany to me”. I was shocked and deeply hurt. A normal human reaction would be to get angry. I was not angry at all. I was only sad and had tears in my eyes. I had the feeling that my heart was going to die. I started to meditate and try to understand why he treated me like this. I calmed down and slowly opened my eyes to see what Swami Vishwananda was doing.  I received the next shock. A man from Germany was talking to him and they had a lot of fun. That was too much for me. I closed my eyes again to meditate. It is impossible to describe how many emotions came up but still I felt a lot of love for Swamiji and the only wish I had was to understand what he wants to show me with this game. At the point of deep meditation and self analyzing I’ve heard Swamiji laughing very loud. I looked at him and saw him with his outstretched arm towards me. He gave me a sign to come and asked me what I have in my hand. I gave him the card and he smiled at me with a smile which I will never forget. At this moment I realized that this was a big test for me.