27 Jul 2009

The lost organizer

Often we heard from devotees how Swami Vishwananda helps them. Here is a story that Pari told us:
"I lost my personal organizer which is very important to me because I have all numbers and all my appointments in it. I searched everywhere for it. In the car, flat, on the street but there was nothing. I couldn’t believe it and I was looking in the same places over and over again. After 2 days I became desperate and started to pray to Swami Vishwananda to show me where my organizer was. Suddenly I had the feeling that it was in my car and that I should go there to have a look. I said to myself, I won’t go to the car. I was there already 5 times, but the feeling was so strong and so I looked again and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The organizer was there! Under the car seat but not hidden. It was clearly visible. It’s no question for me that Swami Vishwananda materialized the organizer.
Swamiji helped me also in a daily situation. Very often when I start my laptop it doesn’t want to work and I have to start it again and again without a positive effect. Till the point, when I ask Swami Vishwananda for help. Maybe it seems funny, but I just ask him once for help and the laptop works. The same when I drive to the city and need a parking space. (I have to note that I live in a big city and it’s very difficult to find a parking space.) Before I arrive there I ask him to organize one for me and it works perfect!  Thank you Guruji"!