7 Jul 2009

Like a magnet

It is said that whenever we want something truly from the heart, the universe collaborates with us to satisfy our need. In answer to his need, in February 2006 Nitin,  met Swami Vishwananda. He told us:

"I have always felt that life holds meaning when you have discovered the purpose behind life itself. For as long as I can remember, I have been waiting for something or someone to give purpose to my life. Swami Vishwananda greeted me: “Nitin, hey, I know you!” It began with that simple, yet so intriguing, greeting. The attraction was instantaneous. Incredibly, I simply knew that Swami was that something for which I had been longing so desperately. When he first spoke to me, I was rendered speechless as my heart began to race. Deep inside me, my soul was rejoicing, for at last I felt complete in the presence of the divine. 

Swamiji later confirmed to me, “Yes, I am the one you have been waiting for; and yes, I know you”. Again, I was dumfounded as nothing is left to be said when your soul knows you have come home. I remained with him for a time, contemplating my beloved master. What attracts me the most to him is his simplicity, humility and unconditional love that he extends in a steady stream to one and all.  I met Swami during the festival of Maha Shivaratri, and in the one week I spent with him, I felt that I had known him forever. It is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. “Follow your heart”, Swami said to me. Those words became my motto, for the heart knows and speaks the truth. The most precious moments I had with him were the few times he hugged me. In those moments time stood still. To be embraced by the entire cosmos is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Like a magnet, my heart is pulled towards his.  There is also a playful side of Swami, and he jokes with us. He will tease us and then tell us captivating stories. He showed me the child that lay dormant within me. These are the true miracles of Swami, showing us how life is more alive in its simplicity. Dear Swami, I love you."