9 Jul 2014

Why is the Grace of the Master important?

"In the Hindu tradition, we value the Grace of the Master more than the Grace of God. And it's through Guru Kripa (the Grace of the Guru) that one gets the Grace of God.
That's why the Grace of the Master is considered to be the most important thing. Even in Christianity, in ancient times, it was the same. Once, I met a Christian monk. The way, he was talking about his mentor...it was amazing! And I said to him, “It's the same in Hinduism.” Because the love that we have for the Guru, for our Spiritual Master – is the same expression. And why do you think Guru Grace is very important? Often people say, “Oh, I can just go by myself. I don't need a Guru. I don't need to have somebody guiding me!” This is where one is wrong! Because in spirituality, it's like entering a deep forest where you can get lost. When you enter a forest, for example, you go to the Amazon. If you just go by yourself into that forest, which is so thick, with so many dangerous things – for sure, you'll get lost in it. How many people have been lost there? So, it's the same thing. To have a Master it's not about becoming a slave. As much as you love the Master – that much Love God will give to you!
Because loving the Master or surrendering to the Master is the same as surrendering to God. In the Master, the Spirit of God is fully present! And when the Master blesses someone, that's God blessing the person. There is no difference between the Guru and God!"
Sri Swami Vishwananda