4 Jul 2014

Darshan in Paris with Sri Swami Vishwananda, 28th June 2014

Last week, after a long, long wait, Sri Swami Vishwananda finally gave Darshan in Paris for the first time ever

Swamiji brought a team of musicians and event organisers from Shree Peetha Nilaya to assist what turned out to be a fantastic event. 

To find an affordable venue was not easy but Khokila, the main organiser, luckily found a fantastic sports arena with ample space to host the near 700 people who came to receive Darshan from Swamiji.

The organising team did everything in their power to bring a 'Darshan Atmsophere' to the hall, a challenging undertaking since the room smelt heavily of gym mats and sweaty sportsmen! Not ideal for Swamiji's Divine Scent!

Yet despite all the challenges, everything worked out great in the end and Darshan proceeded smoothly and without any further obstacles. 

Many devotees from different countries sang along accompanying the beautiful bhajans in their own special way.

Late in the evening, or rather in the early morning hours, after we had dismantled all the music equipment and decorations, it was time to conclude the event with a group dinner together with Swamiji and all those who helped to organise the event. All in all it was a tremendous success and hopefully the first of many more Darshans to take place in the beautiful city of Paris!