19 Jul 2014

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the Whole World as One Family

"The whole world is one family, because we all come from one place – that's Narayana. And each one is Narayana.
That's why it is said, ‘Service to humanity is service to the Lord. Whoever serves the needy is serving Me.’ You see this in the Veda! You see this in the Bible! You see this in the Koran! You see this everywhere! The same teaching is present everywhere, emphasising that God dwells in His creation. One has to choose not to be blind, one has to choose to see. But to see, first you have to open up the mind. That's why earlier I said,‘What is most important to free oneself?’ It's the pure mind. If the mind  is pure, if the mind dwells on the Lord, everything becomes so simple and so easy. There is no complication in anything, until you complicate it yourself. When you look for trouble, the trouble manifests. But, when you look for the Lord, the Lord reveals Himself.
So, the Feet of the Guru are this reminder – that outside is here, but when you look inside yourself, you should see the imprint also. This is the imprint of Love which we share. How I Love you and how you love me. I would not say that I Love you the same way you love me. I would say that I Love you much more than that! And I wish that you can also love like that! This is my wish."
Sri Swami Vishwananda