17 Jul 2014

Singing 'Bhajo Nitai Gaurenga' with Sri Swami Vishwananda

The night after Gurupurnima a lot of devotees where still here at Shree Peetha Nilaya, so a series of beautiful events happened. Here we want to talk about another gift Guruji has given us.

It has been quite a while since he last danced and did sankirtan with us in the entrance hall and all of us love these spontaneous nights so much. Of course, He, knowing every wish that is in the devotees heart, decided to give everybody a present - another night with Him.

About a hundred devotees gathered in the hall, waiting for him. After a while, a small group started singing 'Bhajo Nitai Gaur' and soon everybody joined. Mridangas and mandjiras were brought and kirtan started. Swami came around midnight. Like to a magnet, people were drawn towards Him and everybody formed a circle around Him, singing and dancing. His presence was as radiant as that of the full moon in the dark night that one cannot help but to look at. People who were in bed came out of their rooms and soon the whole entrance hall was full – not only with people but also with joy that can hardly be expressed in words.

(Text written by Madhavi. Thx!)