26 Jul 2014

Open day at 'Shree Peetha Nilaya'

Last year during our official opening, we promised that we would have an open day once a year in order to provide an opportunity for the local residents and interested parties from the surrounding communities to get a glimpse of our lives here.

The District Administrator Mr. Albers was invited and he came. He was welcomed by our management team and Swami Vishwananda and was led on a tour to the different hotspots of the building.

The construction progress over the last year could not be overseen. In the afternoon, Mr. Diefenbach, our mayor from the Heidenrod community, came to Shree Peetha Nilaya, so we were very happy.

During the whole day there was music played by Tandav, Nikhil and a guest musician. 
During the morning there was a tour around the center. it was given by Pramod and Paartha and about 100 guests joined. The tour started in the temple and continued by visiting the chapel, the studio... They went into our vegetarian dining hall, then one level down to the heating system and the laundry and later outside to the garden.

The visitors were open, felt comfortable and did not hesitate to ask all kinds of questions, such as: 

How do you finance yourselves and the centre? 
Why do such young people come here  and already want to live in celibacy? 
Can they go away again if they want to? 
What are you doing the whole day? 

And so on - we realized that they were really interested and we happily answered all their questions.

Choir Cäcilia from Springen
In the evening three choirs from our region, which have accepted our invitation, sung - it was really wonderful!

Men's choir Liederkranz from Langenseifen

Catholic church choir from Breithard
All three choirs: 'Cäcilia' from Springen, the Men's Choir 'Liederkranz' from Langenseifen and the 'Catholic church choir' from Breithard received a huge applause. At the end of their concert, Swami gave each member of the choirs one of our CD's as a gift.

Unfortunately, most visitors missed our Bollywood Disco - it was getting late but we had - with a few guests - a lot of fun.

In the daily newspaper of the Region around Wiesbaden (Wiesbadener Kurier) there is an article we would like to share with you: