20 Jul 2014

Swami Vishwananda inaugurates a new temple in Bari / Italy

As Swami Vishwananda arrived to Bari on the 17 July 2014, he went to inaugurate the new Temple dedicated to Him. Guruji talked about the great blessing the devotees got by creating the first temple dedicated to Him. There is no others deities, only him that is venerated in this temple.

In the following Satsang Sri Swami Vishwananda answered the questions which came up:

- What is fear? Fear is due to ignorance, to things unknown. It is a lack of trust in yourself.

- Why have the people so much problems?
Because of the karma. We have to go through it. God reduce this karma to a minimum. It is important to know how you have to go through this karma. After the Mahabarata Kunti went to Krishna and asked Him: "Give me everlasting problems so that I always can remember you." You have to go above the good and the bad, looking at the world like children. Hindu saint Mirabai also had  a lot of problems, but she was always in ectasy, thinking of Krishna. Around her the people were arrassing her but she could transcend all these sufferings.

- How to know if we are on the right path?
You will feel it. And also if you don´t feel it, you will be guided. The nature will bring you were you have to be and your mind will be guided.

- What is surrender? 
The one who is fully surrendered has no questions in his mind. To surrender means to be detached from everything, to have trust in every situation and to accept everything what happens. When you surrender you give up your own will. God cannot force you to love Him. This is the only thing that God cannot do.To surrender to the Divine is your act of opening. You forget about yourself and give your will to Him. There is only Him, there is one reality playing many games.