15 Dec 2014

Thank you in the name of St. Nicholas

As you already know (we have written about it before), wehave asked for your support to help people in the name of our very much loved St. Nicholas.

You have helped a lot! 

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in St. Nicholas and Christmas collection this year!

Some of the residents, by passing through the lobby, fell in love with some of the pets you have brought: 

Tusti with Bhagyshri who liked the seal very much 
Ruchita fell in love with an owl ...
... and Chatur really felt very much cosy with this penguin

Tusti, who made the contacts and phoned to the organisations, made it possible to bring the really needed things to the right place. 

The day before we sorted and structured all the things and made three collections of the items (the entrance hall was really full!) and as it was so much, Tusti had to pack three full cars and went to different places. (We couldn't take photos from these places as they want to stay anonymous.)

Here Tusti's report: 

We received very touching letters and words from the responsible people of the organisations.

"How wonderful to know that there are friendly people around who also think about the socially disadvantaged and deprived ones!"

On the same evening they could make a bag ready with towels and nightdress for a woman going to the hospital. Some sweets could warm the heart of another young woman being completely desperate about her life situation.

"They wish you all a light-filled Advent and a 'God bless you!'"

While we were unpacking the car at the second place where we brought the donated items the social worker said, "Now we are safe for this winter." I was really touched.

Thank you all for making it possible to bring the spirit and the light of St. Nicholas and Guruji into darkness. Sharing really brings true happiness!

Mataji Tusti