23 Sep 2014

Spreading the Word about Love - Bhakti Sounds Concert Tour

Last week, the Bhakti Sounds band from Shree Peetha Nilaya went on a trip. Here's Tandav Krishna (in the photo below) giving a day by day account of the tour:
Left to Right: Nikhilananda, Mira, Tandav Krishna, Swami Kuru
Bottom Center: Ratnamanjari
During the time when Guruji was traveling in South Africa and Kenya, the band of Bhakti Marga went with His Blessings for a tour in South Germany, spreading the message of love of our Satguru and singing the Holy Names. We went to four different cities during four days performing blissful concerts.

The first day was in a concert house in Kostanz, K9, in the beautiful region of the Bodensee, the biggest lake in Europe.

Devotees were there, some even came from Switzerland, but most of the audience was new (apart of some people that saw the band already in Friedrichshafen and in the Rainbow Festival in Munich, years ago). They enjoyed the music and asked for more bhajans at the end, what we happily offered to them. Swami Kuru and Nikhilananda gave small Satsangs that were very touching and inspiring.

The center White Horse in Orsingen, from Chudamani, received us for the second night.

With the house full of people and many devotees, we started playing after almost 2 hours Satsang, having altogether more than 4 hours of a blissful event.

At the end people form all ages were dancing while listening to Harinam, and all were very thankful to the experience.

The third concert happened in the Theaterzirkus Primero Passo, in Ravensburg. We were happy to see that some people were traveling to see us again from the concerts before, and even though this concert was not with a full house, we brought everybody close to us and they enjoyed our bhajans and kirtans also for more then two hours.

At the end everybody without exception was dancing and as in all the other events, many were very interested in visiting Shree Petha Nilaya and seeing our beautiful Swamiji soon.

The closing concert of the tour in Munich, at the Hari Om Temple, was an amazing experience. Many Indians were there and the venue was full. The beautiful Murtis were a blessing that inspired us, and the crowd enjoyed our bhajans and kirtans a lot.

Our hosts

Murtis at the Hari Om Mandir

Spontaneously it became a feast: they started cooking a lot of Prasad for after the concert, sang and danced with us at the end, and we even could do Arati with them, the perfect way of closing the tour.

Mr. Vijay Shankar, the elder president of the temple, spoke sweet words for everybody, saying thanks because we bring the Indian culture to the world and saying that we are always invited there for performing in the future. It was very blissful and sweet.

It is always lovely to share with the world the Love that Guruji constantly shower on us, and by doing it, His presence is even more strong to be felt, filling our hearts and making our Bhakti Marga family stronger.

We all say a big thank you for the warm welcoming and organisation from Anuprabha, Chudamani, Surabhi and Martin & Mahsa, and to everyone who came to the events.

If you are inspired and want to bring the Bhakti Marga band to your place, you can contact us at music@bhaktimarga.org.

- Tandav Krishna