5 Sep 2014

Impressions from OM Healing and Simply Meditation in Prisons

My name is Stefan and I'm in custody in Cologne Detention Centre.

When I heard about OM Healing, I merely thought, “I don’t care, the main thing is not to be in the prison cell”.
In the beginning I didn't know what to make of this, but now after five months I've been taking part in it, I experience perceptible changes.

Generally I became calmer and at last I come to rest in the evening. Before, I couldn't sleep because of my chattering mind. Nowadays I do my breathing exercises and fall asleep after ten minutes.

I can recommend OM Healing and Simply Meditation especially to people who are very stressed if they want to accumulate new energy.

Stefan, Cologne Detention Centre

For 18 months I've been practicing OM Healing for two hours a week at Cologne Detention Centre.

In the beginning I couldn't feel anything. Maybe because of my skepticism to believe in anything I couldn't see. But after a few months there was a face appearing to me more and more frequently, like a light blue mask in front of a dark background. Little by little this mask became more clearly a 3D face. The more I got myself into OM Healing, the more recognizable this face became. It simply looked at me.

In the meantime it appears less, but it seems to me that it came just so that I let myself in for OM Healing. After that experience I believe much more in things like self-regulating forces. Because of that I was more and more able to heal some diseases. I became calmer. The impending “burnout” that I treated with medicines is a thing of the past, medicines included.

I have a totally new, much better attitude and quality of life now. My self-esteem grew stronger and I became a new person. Also, my attitude towards the people I didn't like before changed completely. I connect this to OM Healing and Simply Meditation which I've started practicing even more often in the meantime. For the first time I´m able to say that I love myself and I don´t longer know hostility towards others.

Michael Marx, Cologne Detention Centre

After the success of Simply Meditation, OM Healing and Atma Kriya Yoga in prisons workshop held in June for German speaking countries, we are organising a further, international workshop with English translation.

If you are interested to learn more about the techniques and to support an initiative that brings Simply Meditation, OM Healing and Atma Kriya Yoga into prisons, then this international workshop is a great opportunity. It will be held in Shree Peetha Nilaya by Dieter Gurkasch and YuMiG Association.

Friday October 3rd at SPN (during Navaratri) - Please register here!

Dieter is a former prisoner who himself experienced how yoga and meditation changed his life and the lives of people around him. The goal of the YuMiG Association is to bring yoga and meditation into prisons worldwide.

This workshop not only informs, but also provides opportunity to ask questions, to discuss key topics and to receive support if you are willing to get active and spread yoga and meditation in prisons, helping to let the seed of love and happiness grow in people's heart.

After the workshop it came to a cordial meeting
between Sri Swami Vishwananda and Dieter.
Participant’s impression from a previous seminar: “The Workshop with Dieter Gurkasch in June this year with 25 participants from Austria, Switzerland and Germany was a great success! Through the reading from his book, Dieter delivered an insight into his life and the life behind the prison bars, as he himself spent 25 years in the prison. The participants were enriched with important knowledge needed for everyone who intends to teach in prisons. In the second part of the workshop participants could ask questions and Dieter patiently and lovingly answered all of them. He gave us a deep insight of the transformation process which he went through with yoga and meditation. ... We are looking forward for the next international workshop with Dieter.” (Dayakari, Germany)

For more information about Dieter and the Prison Yoga Project, check out these links: