27 Sep 2014

Journal from Swami Vishwananda's trip to South Africa

Last week Guruji traveled to South Africa for a week to visit his devotees. He brought a guest: Dr. Satya Narayana Dasa, his friend from Vrindavan.

Puja im Narashimha Tempel / SA
During the trip Swamiji performed a puja in the Jwala Narasimha temple, and gave many darshans.

Darshan in Johannesburg

Darshan in Johannesburg
Darshan in Durban

Darshan in Durban

Here is a journal of the trip from a devotee in South Africa.


On Thursday the 18th September as Sri Swami Vishwananda stepped foot in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) at the airport there were many devotees who were patiently and eagerly waiting over an hour for our beloved Guruji. He arrived with Dr Satyanarayana Dasa and his initiated Swamis.

 Upon arrival at the Maha Shanta Narasimha temple, Guruji was welcomed with vibrant singing by all the devotees who were eagerly awaiting His arrival. Thereafter guru puja was lovingly offered by Swami Vishwachakradharananda.

Guruji lovingly introduced Dr Satyanarayana Dasa to us all. During the course of the day many devotees flocked to the temple to get a glimpse and hopefully an opportunity to speak with Guruji. Few were fortunate to do so. In the evening, Guruji and Dr Satyanarayana Dasa were interviewed by Sadhana tips and thereafter made their way to the Hall for the first Darshan evening in Stanger.

The Hall was full, a couple bus loads of excited devotees made their way to the hall from far as Gingingdlovu and Queensburgh. Once again devotees were mesmerized by Guruji’s singing and everyone began swaying their feet being engulfed in the divine vibration!

Thereafter Darshan commenced, and everyone that received Darshan spoke of some awakening in their heart and that they could feel Guruji’s love while receiving Darshan. During Darshan, we all had our ears glued to Dr Satyanarayana Dasa as he spoke with a witty sense of humour and truth. There was much that one could take away from the discourse.

 Devotees were treated to a sumptuous feast and looking forward to the next day’s activities.

On the 19th September, Guruji visited the Maha Kripalu Gayatri temple where he performed abhishekam for the Divine Mother,

 After the puja, and another discourse by Dr Satyanarayana Dasa, Guruji manifested a ring for a devotee, Karthigesan, as well as some vibhuti for some ladies who were curious to see Guruji. They almost fell down in disbelief and felt blessed to have received vibhuti from Guruji.

 On that evening, Darshan commenced as scheduled, and Guruji, once again took us all into another place with his singing and sweet voice. It was heartwarming to see that during Darshan, many devotees spoke of their experiences with Guruji and what transformations they have seen in their lives ever since meeting with Guruji.

 After Darshan, Guruji surprised us by not only singing, but also dancing with the devotees to some wonderful bhajans, and having us wish that that moment lasted forever! Everyone was ecstatic, and filled with Guruji’s divine love. The evening drew to a close, with supper being served at 2-3am the next morning.

 Despite having given Darshan for 5 hours, Guruji lovingly took some time to speak with many devotees personally. Guruji manifested yet another ring, and thereafter took rest before his morning flight at 5am. Having stayed up all night, many devotees decided to stay until then to see Guruji off at the airport.

This was a short yet truly memorable tour by Sri Swami Vishwananda. We look forward to the next visit by Guruji, and we pray that many more people have the opportunity to experience and receive Guruji’s love and blessings. Jai Gurudev!

Early on the morning of Tuesday the 16th of September, a crowd of highly anxious devotees crowded at O R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg South Africa (JHB) after what for many proved to be a sleepless night in anticipation of the arrival of their beloved Sat Guru.

For many of us it had been almost 17 months since last being in his physical presence, and there was no way of hiding the childlike expression of joy, love, and excitement on each of our faces. Finally, after what seemed as though an eternity the doors parted, and just as the first few rays of sunlight would break through dark clouds after a thunderstorm, Guruji's celestial smile beamed through the opening between the glass doors consuming an otherwise chaotic airport, and transforming it into a place of love and divinity just as his presence usually does!

After taking Guruji's blessing everybody together with Guruji and Dr Satyanarayan Dasa made their way to the Maha Jwala Narasimha Temple where after welcoming Guruji in the traditional manner, Guruji and Dr Satyanarayana Dasa took some time to rest and refresh after their long flight.

In the meanwhile, devotees gathered with in the Temple...some meditating, some chanting, and some just simply sitting by themselves enjoying and drinking of Guruji's vibrations. It was shortly after mid day when we all started singing Bhajans. Some time after which Guruji graced us with his divine presence once again, where he formally introduced Dr Satyanarayan Dasa as Babaji.

That same afternoon devotees from far and wide began descending at the Maha Jwala Narasimha Temple awaiting the arrival of their beloved Guruji. This would be the first of one of two Darshans given by Guruji in JHB. The temple had reached its maximum capacity long before 7PM and even the quickly dropping temperature wasn't nearly enough to deter devotees assembled outside patiently waiting to to catch a glimpse of their beloved.

We sang Bhajans as we awaited Gurujis arrival. When he finally did appear our hearts rejoiced , and when he had began to sing soon after, it was as if each of our hearts began to cry sweet tears of joy. We were all in awe as Guruji effortlessly switched between low and high notes, soothing every soul in the audible vicinity with his melodus voice. A Zulu praise singer from KZN had traveled to JHB to pay tribute to Guruji which had performed at this time.

Guruji soon after started giving Darshans while Babaji delivered a discourse and made attempts at trying to impart his vast knowledge of the Vedas. The nights event ended at around one in the morning with an Arti to our beloved Sat Guru.

The following day, Guruji had decided to visit the Duduzwane Homes and Family Shelter, where he delivered divine blessings to all present, after which he had departed for a private meeting and lunch. All people there were very happy to see Swami Vishwananda and there was much singing and dancing.

A new Christian chapel in Dudezwane
He was often here but this time it was a special visit, because he consecrated a small chapel.

Swamiji distributing gifts

Swamiji gave a talk at the new Chapel:

The happy dancing residents:

Swamiji planted the first rose bush for the new rose garden.

That same evening devotees met at the recently erected and aesthetically beautiful Eswara Kovil Temple in Lenasia South, JHB. This was to be the second and last Darshan that would be given by Guruji in JHB for this particular tour. We lovingly sang Bhajans in anticipation of Gurujis arrival. Upon which this time, he not only blessed us with his divine voice, but also made sure to allow every individual in the crowd the chance to open up their hearts and join him in singing. Before long the entire congregation were on their feet dancing and singing the divine names together with Guruji. The atmosphere was almost etheric.

The night ended shortly after half past one in the morning with Arti to our beloved Guruji. This was the second night of ecstacy we were blessed with by him and emotions were mixed as many preppared themselves to bid farewell to their beloved as this JHB leg of Gurujis South African tour grew to an end.