29 Sep 2014

Navaratri Day 4 - Kushmanda Ma

On the fourth day of Navaratri, we celebrate Kushmanda Ma. It is said that when there was darkness everywhere and there was no existence of the universe, She created the universe with a smile.

Kushmanda Devi

‘Kushmandam’ in Sanskrit means pumpkin. Among the sacrificial vegetables that are offered in the worship of the Goddess, pumpkin is the most important vegetable with which Kushmanda Devi is most pleased.

The pumpkin contains many seeds within it, and each seed has the capability within it to grow new pumpkins. How great this Devi is, that She was able to create this universe, with each soul inside of it able to grow in spirituality!

Sri Swami Vishwananda said, “Kushmanda Devi is the power by which this universe, this world was created. Of course, as you all know by now, all Goddesses, even if they have different forms, they are all One. The difference is that all the Goddesses existed either before or after creation, but Goddess Kushmanda appeared at the very moment of creation. She manifested Herself through creation, the moment the Universe was created.

"So the creative power at that moment was Kushmanda. We pray to the Goddess Kushmanda, that She showers Her blessing on each one. Whoever is remembering Her and whoever is not remembering Her, people who know about Her, people who don’t know about Her, may Her Love, Her Grace be upon all the people, so that they find true happiness and true joy.”

Coconut offering into the Yagna - purification of the heart of Man
“She is the Cosmic Shakti of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. She is Adi Devi, the feminine aspect of all the Purusha and it is said that She emerged from the body of Mahavishnu, Narayana and gave the Shakti to Brahma to create the universe, to create everything.

"In that aspect of Devi she shows that even if one sadhana is tough, one has to persevere into it; one has not to let go of it, saying it is too difficult and finish! If you ask Divine Mother to inspire you, if you ask Her to help you, She takes that form of Kushmanda, She comes in a way, showing that everything is inside of you.”