22 Aug 2014

The Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya of Sri Swami Vishwananda

During the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti 2014, at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Sri Swami Vishwananda imparted timeless wisdom on the Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn written in praise of Lord Hanuman, one of the greatest Bhaktas of the Lord. Below is an excerpt commentary by Swamiji from the Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya book, which features the full commentary. The recording is also available in the Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya (double) CD.

 Verses 25-26
Nāsai Roga Hare Saba Pīrā
Japata Nirantara Hanumata Vīrā
Sankata Ten Hanumāna Churāvai
Mana Krama Bachana Dhyāna Jo Lāvai

“All disease and pain is eradicated, brave Hanuman, by constant repetition of Your Name. You release from affliction those who remember You in thought, word and deed.”

“Thoughts, words and deeds. Thoughts are from the mind, words are from the body and deeds are from the soul. So, whoever remembers Him and chants His Name, even diseases and pain can’t come near.
It doesn’t mean that one will not have diseases. It doesn’t mean that one will not have pain. It doesn’t mean that one will not have affliction. They will come, but how the person will take it, will be different. If the person sits with the pain and is constantly chanting the glory of pain, the pain will become very powerful! If the person is chanting the glory of affliction or sorrow, they will never be free. Because they are feeding the mind with the same affliction. They are feeding the mind with the same pain, so the pain becomes double, from double it becomes 4 times bigger, from 4 times it becomes 6 times bigger. It will become bigger and bigger and bigger! How will the person have peace? They will not! That’s why it is said here, by chanting Your Name, by concentrating on the mantra, forgetting everything else, forgetting the pain in the outside, forgetting about the illness, forgetting about the disease or the problem. If the mind is purely focusing on the Lord’s Name or Anjaneya’s Name, there will be no space for the other things to take place or to germinate. But, if you are entertaining it, then you’ll be afflicted with pain, sorrow and diseases.
When the mind is focused on the Lord, they will not come near. Even if it comes, you will not feed it. As it comes, it will do its course of purifying and it will disappear. You will not attach yourself to it. You’ll not hang on it, you’ll not hold its leg saying, ‘Leave me, leave me, leave me!’ You cannot hold onto your problem and ask for it to leave. You cannot hold onto your pain and disease and say, ‘Let go of it! Let go of it!’ You have to see that you are hanging on it. In your mind you are hanging on it and you should hang onto the Feet of the Lord! You should hang onto the Name of the Lord! Like that, the body, mind and spirit are free! Like that the thoughts, the words and the deeds are purified!”