19 Aug 2014

Krishna Janmashtami with Sri Swami Vishwananda

During the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Sri Swami Vishwananda said, “After listening to the Gita for 18 days, you have realised that Krishna is the Supreme Himself, who has manifested Himself. There was not another time when the Lord manifested Himself in His full Glory, with all His qualities. Even if many avatars had come before, yet still there was not a full manifestation of the Lord like Bhagavan Krishna, who came dressing normal like everybody, acting like a normal human being. The Bala Leela, which He has done during His childhood in Vrindavan, is the most sweetest of all. When one drinks this nectar of the Bala Leela one realises that each person has a certain connection to Him, each person's heart longs for Him. And the same way that your heart longs for Him, He also longs for you. In these 18 days of the Gita Course you have realised that He wants to have a personal relationship with each one. In the last verses of the last chapter of the Gita He explained this bhav. When Love awakens inside it's different for everybody: some will love God as a servant; some will love God as a lover; some will love God as a friend; some will love God as a parent; some will love God as the Ultimate. So each person has a certain connection with Him.
He has reminded continuously that one must love. This is the true dharma of a human being. It's not about playing the game, ‘I am superior than anybody else.’ No. Only when one has humility in the heart, then one will know what is true Love. Here, Bhagavan Krishna incarnates in your heart, doing His Leela in your life. So this is what you have to keep reminding yourself.”

Before midnight, the celebrations started with Guru puja and Paduka Abishekam followed by two plays offered at the Feet of Sri Swami Vishwananda: one was performed by a group of children and was about the manifestation of Lord Sri Krishna; the other was performed by a group of devotees  inspired by the Mahabharata.
 Swamiji said, “It was lovely to see the children and also this play of Draupadi Vastraharan (disrobing). Even if it appears very aggressive, as it truly happened, but the most beautiful moment is when she let go of her sari. Then she said, ‘Lord I surrender to you.’ This is the same as when you lift your hands chanting, ‘Nitai Gaura Premananda, Haribol! I am surrendering to You. I take shelter at Your Feet. I can't do anything by myself. I can't count on my own effort but I count on Your effort.’
For a bhakta who is surrendered to Him, the merciful Lord, – you don't need to worry about anything. Each step of your life, He looks after. The moment you let go – Saranagati, that's the word which means, to take refuge at the Lotus Feet of the Lord – He takes care of you. He looks after you. He brings you where you have to be.
When you study the Gita, you are uplifted. It awakens bhakti inside of your heart and only when bhakti is awaken inside, then faith is awaken. Arjuna asked Krishna, ‘How do I change the mind?’ Bhagavan said, ‘Well, you must have faith.’ Faith is inborn inside your heart itself. You have it, everybody has it! And counting on that faith, you'll be able to trust the Lord. You'll be able to love Him. You'll be able to do your sadhana. You'll be able to love as He Loves. So this is what Bhagavan explained in this scene that was performed right now. What do you want to become: like the Kauravas or the Pandavas? If your tamasic guna arises, pride and arrogance arise and you'll doom yourself. But if you are humble, if you are pure in your heart, if you are full of love, then you are as a bhakta, who is surrendered to the Lord. So, you trust in the Lord, you trust in His guidance, your trust that He is with you at all times. So due to that dwelling in the sattvic qualities one attains the spiritual body, one attains God-Realisation. And this is the promise that Bhagavan Himself has given by saying, ‘Whoever surrenders to Me I give Myself to them’. You just do one step, He will run to you! And there are so many bhaktas who have surrendered to the Lord knowing deeply that it is Him who does everything. By counting completely on His Grace and Love one will see the Reality.”

After midnight, Swamiji performed puja and Abishekam to Lord Sri Krishna in the form of Bala Krishna and Ladoo Gopal followed by Arati.
The celebrations ended with several hours of a bhajan&kirtan dance party full of Divine blessings and delicious prasad.
Prem Se Bolo Sri Krishna Bhagavan Ki...Jai Jai Jai!!!
Prem Se Bolo Sri Swami Vishwananda Ki...Jai Jai Jai!!!

“It was a very beautiful party celebrating the birthday of Krishna. There was a time to sing, a time to dance and a time to eat the delicious prasad. The energy was wonderful and intense. It touched me deeply to experience the work of Sri Swami Vishwananda and the work of people here who really serve helping to rise the energy of mankind and Mother Earth.” - Daniela, Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil