4 Aug 2014

Chapter 5: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

On August 3rd, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 5 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Karma Sanyaasa Yoga

In Chapter 5 the Lord talks to Arjuna about sacrifice and surrender, about renouncing but still doing one's duty with an attitude of complete surrender to the Divine

General topics covered in the Chapter:
  • Both Karma Yoga and Jyaana Yoga lead to God
  • The path of self-knowledge
  • Additional marks of an enlightened person
  • The path of devotional meditation and contemplation
Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

bhoktāraṃ yajñā tapasāṃ
sarva loka maheśvaram
suhṛdaṃ sarva-bhūtānāṃ
jñātvā māṃ śāntim-ṛcchati

Knowing Me as the enjoyer of all sacrifices and austerities, as the Supreme Lord of all the worlds, as the Friend of every being, one attains peace.

Knowing the Reality, God, the soul of all beings. Therefore it is God Himself existing in the form of gods, the brahmins, the saints, the sages. It is the same Lord who is present in the afflicted and the depressed ones. He is the One who receives the sacrifices and service of worship. Here the Lord is referring as friend, ‘dear one’, the one who serves God and sees God within his own Self and everywhere. He says, ‘The one who is conscious of the Divine presence everywhere, in everything that one does – who helps the afflicted, who does charity, who releases the suffering – know that these ones are serving Me, the All Pervading’.

Here Krishna is referring to Arjuna, to everybody, ‘My friend, My dear one. As a devotee, you are a devotee also, but you are also my dear friend and I care for you.’ And in this ‘caring’ there is no selfish motive. Whereas in the Kauravas, Duryodhana friendship was based only on his own personal gain.

It is said in the Bible that a true friend is the one who can give his own life for his friend. That's why the Lord is addressing Arjuna, ‘Oh my dear friend, I am here for you, for your salvation! I am giving you the Dhyaana Yoga: how to concentrate, how to focus, how to do your Kriya. I can tell you every day: do your Kriya! Do your Kriya! Do your Kriya! But I can't do it. You have to make this first effort, you have to do it! Please Arjuna do your Kriya. Like that you'll perceive Me as the Lord within the core of your Self. You'll see no difference and you'll attain Supreme bliss. And once you'll attain this Supreme bliss nothing can touch you. Nothing of the outside can move you."


"To me the most beautiful thing is to see how the Lord reveals himself step by step to Arjuna. I feel very lucky to have the grace to hear the commentary given by Swamiji.
- Gauri, Germany  


Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.