1 Feb 2014

Satsang in Florianopolis with Sri Swami Vishwananda

The second event of Swamiji's tour of Brazil was a Satsang held at Yogaluz, a lovely Yoga studio in Florianopolis.

Swamiji answered questions from the crowd of around 70 devotees for approximately 4 hours and all listened attentively. Swamiji was his usual humorous self, conveying deep spiritual wisdom in an easy to digest way. It was a really cozy room and it was so nice to have everyone seated so close to each other and to Swamiji. It really felt like a true Satsang - a gathering of like-minded individuals to share experiences!

One question asked was, "How do we settle Karma and advance spiritually on earth?"

Swamiji answered that in truth humanity forgets that we incarnate on earth to conclude karmic bonds. Instead, we spend the majority of our time on earth creating new bonds and prolonging cycles that are unnecessary. The only true relationships one can establish and nourish is the relationship to God. In that relationship none can come between you and God except the Guru. The Guru is indifferent from God. Surrender to Him is the best way to advance through karma and to advance. 

Another question was, "Did Babaji send you here on earth to do your mission?"

Swamiji said that his heart and the heart of Babaji are one. He is in Babaji as Babaji is in him. If that is the case then who can truly say who sent who?

The question was then expanded, "Guruji, will there ever be a time when your mission grows so large that we will no longer have this proximity to you?"

Swamiji said that yes, one day it will be so that the proximity we all currently enjoy would no longer be possible. However, one thing will never change and that is the way Swamiji gives Darshan. He said no matter if there are thousands and thousands of people, he will continue to give Darshan to all the same way. In fact, he has chosen to give Darshan in the way he does as an act of proximity in the first place, so that he may be close to all.

Now Swamiji has traveled further north for the second-leg of his tour, to the city of Belo Horizonte where he will give Darshan today at 4pm Brazilian time. It's all non-stop action!