14 Feb 2014

Cities of Light

We want to introduce a new initiative of the OM Healing group: 

Places where many people live in close proximity to one another are full of life. Yet, sadly, that does not also mean that they are full of Light. On the contrary. People in cities usually don’t live in harmony with nature. Not only with nature ‘outside’, but unfortunately also with their own 'inner' nature. Thus the Light inside of people who live in cities is often dimmed to a point where it becomes weak. The result is that negativity, stress and suffering can take over.

With the “Cities of Light” initiative our goal is that in 2014, OM Healing is spread to bigger cities everywhere. OMH circles are already active in over 700 places around the globe and, within only a few years, have made a tremendous impact on thousands of lives worldwide, sowing the seeds of light and love among the darkness. Despite all that, there are still many cities where there are no OMH groups yet.

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