4 Feb 2014

Satsang in Belo Horizonte with Sri Swami Vishwananda

The second Satsang of this tour of Brazil was held in Belo Horizonte, with a gathering of almost 100 people.

Swamiji began by asking everybody to close their eyes, hold their hands in front of their hearts (not touching the physical body). While everyone did this, Swamiji sang the Sri Vraja-dham Mahimamrita song, enchanting us all with the Divine Names of Sri Radha Krishna. This meditation was done to open our hearts and train our awareness to feel the flow of energy and Love around our bodies, emanating from our heart. This is because the name of Sri Radha activates the heart more so than any other name of the Divine!

When it came to question time, Guruji was in a great story-telling mood! At one point he was asked, "How can we deal with the pressure to maintain a beautiful physical appearance in today's society? He answered with a beautiful story.

There was once a man with 4 wives. His 4th wife he loved the most of all. He gave her the best of everything he had and always bought the most expensive things he could find to please her. The 3rd wife was also very dear to him. She would fulfill all his wishes and she would do so very nicely. He also loved his 2nd wife a great deal. He would take her to all his parties and holidays and she was his greatest confident. He would tell her all his secrets and thoughts. Yet his 1st wife was almost always ignored by him. He barely remembered her and she had been so poorly looked after that she had become so skinny that she could even hide behind Ghandi!

So as time passed the man became older and he realised that it was very soon time for him to leave this earth. With this thought he began to wonder which of his 4 wives would join him in death. So he quickly rushed to the 4th wife and asked her, "My dear, I loved you so much my whole life and always cared for you to the best of my ability. I am soon going to die, so will you come with me?". She turned around and said "No way! As soon as you die, I'm gone!". 
The man fell back in his chair in shock. He was completely heart-broken and with great sadness he then turned to his 3rd wife. "Will you come with me?". She turned to him and said, "Ha! As soon as you die, I will go and find another husband". The man's sadness grew larger. So he turned to his 2nd wife, who he had also loved dearly and made the same question to her. She said, "Look, the best I can do for you is come with you to the grave. More than that, no". At that moment the man heard his first wife calling to him, saying, "I'll come with you!". The man was in total shock. He had ignored her for so long and yet she was the only one willing to follow him to his death. He said to her, "I wish I had known how deep your love for me was. Now it's too late."

OM Healing Organisers from Brasilia

Swamiji then explained the symbolism behind the story. The truth is that we all have 4 wives. The 4th wife is our physical body. We love it so much and we spend our whole lives giving it the best this world has to offer but at the time of death what happens to it? It's useless. The 3rd wife represents all the money and possessions you amass throughout life. You work hard your entire life to accumulate as much wealth as possible but when you die all of that goes to someone else! The second wife represents your friends and family. We spend our whole life with them, sharing everything with them but at the end of the day the most they can do for you is follow you to the grave. Soon after they will surely forget you with the passing of time. 
So who is the first wife? She is none other than your own soul. The soul loves us eternally, sticks with us through the good times and the bad times but almost always we ignore it. We don't cherish it and nourish it enough. We always realise our mistake when it is already too late and we have to incarnate again to once more try to attain this realisation that we are nothing more than this eternal soul.

That was Swmaiji's main message for all present at the Satsang - "Don't waste time! That is my main message for mankind right now."