31 Jan 2014

Darshan in Florianopolis with Sri Swami Vishwananda

Last night we had the first public event of Guruji's trip to Brazil. Florianopolis is the first of three cities Guruji is visiting to give Darshan and Satsang.

Darshan was held in a beautiful tropical resort as can be seen in the backdrop of Guruji's chair!

Swami Vishwananda spoke about the leap one has to make from conditional love to Unconditional Love. The 150 people present listened very attentively to every spoken word. Guruji said "If you are hungry, you will feed yourself right? So if your soul is hungry then you must also feed your soul!" The way to do that is through our sadhana. The point is you must be hungry in the first place because sadhana without this hunger to know the self and to attain the Divine is pointless. 

He then said "Find that hunger, then feed it with discipline and watch how your soul will prosper and shine through. Then you will reflect God's light everywhere you go. You will see that realisation is nothing but a change in perception. The minute you truly see the world differently and see God in everything - then you can call yourself realised."

The Brazilian devotees sang bhajans in a very distinct South-American style for hours as Guruji blessed all present and spoke to all seeking guidance. Tandav sang all his Brazilian bhajans that usually nobody understands in Springen but here everybody joined in! It was very sweet to watch them sing together about Guruji in their mother tongue.

At the end of the Darshan Guruji called all the devotees in close to remove their shyness. They were all very polite and quiet and sang very quietly so Guruji teased them a little. He asked "I heard Brazilians were good musicians and very enthusiastic? No?" Of course they felt compelled to say yes and so Guruji helped them to sing some bhajans, teaching them to sing all the sanskrit lyrics. He was very successful! By the end everybody was singing out loud with great joy and vibrancy. In that elevated atmosphere, Guruji ended the event and left the hall to loud applause from all present.
(written by Nikhilananda)