14 Jan 2014

Darshan in Berlin, 11th January

For the Darshan in Berlin Swamini VishwaDayaMati found a very nice place called "Logenhous" with space for 400 visitors.  It was possible to go there already the afternoon before and start with the setup of the music system and the soundcheck.

Subsequently, all helpers went to a pizzeria (12 apostles) and we had a lovely evening in the presence of Sri Swami Vishwananda.

We knew beforehand of 350 applications (180 "first comers") and it was clear that the room would be full. There were over 400 visitors and the darshan lasted about 5 hours.

After Swami Vishwananda came in, he began to sing and interrupted several times his Bhajan and encouraged again and again the visitors sing along loudly. He spoke about prayer, singing for God and the direct conversation with God.

Swamiji had to leave right after the darshan to the airport because at the Ashram in Springen our 12 visitors from Mauritius where waiting to say goodbye to him - they flew the next morning back home.