25 Jan 2014

HE made it

A little story from the period before Christmas :

Some of us were busy to make the center nice for Christmas. I had planned to decorate Swamiji darshan chair in the light-hall for the darshans after Christmas .

When I came into the light-hall, I saw that the area and the frame around the church door was beautifully decorated with fairy-lights. Dakshini was there and I suspected that she did it and said, "Oh, you have made it so beautiful!" She smiled and said, "HE has done it." I examined exactly how the lights were attached and asked her how she did it. She repeated, "No, you do not understand, HE did it, He makes everything!" Now, it took a little while, very slowly I understood what she meant!

Yes, of course! We are, in the best case, just the tools in His hands, but He is the One who does everything!

I said, "Oh ... then we'll see how He makes now the decoration for His darshan chair!" And I started to work on it.

And He did also the chair so beautiful ;-) !

(written by Drishti)