22 Oct 2013

New Bhakti-Shop is online!

Our "Media Team" has been working on a new online store for some time.

Now it's done!

Please find below the link to the "the Bhakti Shop":

We are happy that we can now finally offer you a well-functioning online store, and we hope you will find many attractive offerings in it!

Payment is now possible with credit card, via direct debit and immediate transfer.

AnantAnanda is overseeing the online shop, Meela will be taking the photos and Urmilaavati will provide the products online, and together with Manorama they will be 
responsible for the clients (from right to left).
P.S.: Countries outside Europe (for example Brazil, USA, Russia, South Africa): our system currently supports only transactions and shipments inside Europe, we are looking into expanding the range, and ask you for your patience meanwhile. If you are from a country outside Europe and are interested in purchasing from our Bhakti Shop, please write us an email to order@bhaktishop.de, so we get a feel for how big the need is for servicing you all. Many thanks.