2 Oct 2013

Dharmananda's burial

Yesterday afternoon, the burial of the urn containing the ashes of Dharmananda took place. At his request, he was buried in the cemetery of Springen.

After a memorial service in the centre, we walked in a long procession to the cemetery down in the village which lies at the other end of Springen.

After Volker's family had buried the urn in a small group, we all went to the grave and gave petals, some earth and our prayers. Swami Vishwananda talked wonderfully and lovingly and said that we could visit Dharmananda from now on here and should sing something to him, "... but sing beautifully!" he quickly added.

Bhagyshri then had coffee and cake prepared and we sat together, saw some pictures from Dharma's time with his Master and his life here with us.

Swamiji also found some pictures on his mobile and showed it to the family.

So if you come here next time, you are welcome to bring a few flowers, take a walk to the cemetery and visit Dharmananda there.