19 Oct 2013

Lexus on Auction

With a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to the car in which Swamiji has made many of his trips during the past years.

Pritala (Swami Vijaya) had bought the Lexus CS 430 in the year 2001, and since that time Swamiji has traveled over 250.000 km in it through France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, England and Austria. Often he has also driven the car himself.

Swamiji read, slept, ate and drank, phoned, grumbled, laughed, prayed for you, and meditated in this car. Divine Mother Mary appeared to him in it and we do not know whom else he met there - he spoke about that, if at all, to Pritala, but he actually mostly keeps it for himself.

Now the car has served its purpose, has over 380,000 km on it and has to make room for another car (Skoda). To finance the new (used) car the idea came up to sell the Lexus as a historical object to the highest bidder.

Specifications: Lexus 430 xls, mileage: 387.614 km (including at least 250,000 with Swamiji), 8 tires (winter and summer), lots of extras like heated leather seats with massage, navigation and all the extras you can think of.

The car is registered, is ready to go, but should not be used as an everyday commodity. Perhaps as a meditation area or for other special moments / trips.

The auction will begin promptly at 4.000 € and last till 31/12/2013 at 24:00. Please send your bid to:

(The email goes to Sw VishwaKuru and Drishti and will be answered by one of them)

The current bid can be viewed on the Bhakti Marga front page.

Here Swamiji looks whether he has forgotten some personal belongings in the glove compartment.