3 Apr 2013

First talk given by Swami Vishwananda, Easter 2013

Guruji´s Easter Sermon, Tuesday 26 March 2013

(after Reading of the Gospel Matthew 25, 1-13 and 26, 1-13)

"...This Gospel, it's very very mystical, actually. The mystery of it is related to the lady, the woman, who came and poured the oil on Jesus hair and feet. So this Gospel, the same thing Krishna also said. Which means, you don't know what time, where and how God shall come to you. This is unknown to the mind of men. That's why It is calling everyone to be ready. To be ready at any time. Because you see, very often, people will think that okay, God will manifest Itself, bing, in a beam of light and they all say: „Ah yeah, here He is, „I have come to you, alleluia.“ No, He doesn´t come like this. The Divine is humble. He never comes to the people in His full glory. Because if He comes in His full glory, automatically, there will be a big separation. He's not here to create the separation, He has come to uplift humanity. He has come to raise you, towards God, so why would he come in His splendor?..."