5 Apr 2013

Easter talk by Swami Vishwananda on March 26th, 2013 - part 2

Guruji´s Easter Sermon, Tuesday 26 March 2013 (second part)

"... That's why He said “Be ready.” And how do you train yourself to be ready? It will happen whenever you don't expect it. The Divine doesn't manifest when you expect. This is a little secret. When you don't expect Him, then He will come. But then, if you are not ready, to receive Him, ups, you know, it's gone. The time is gone, it's passed by. It's like life, it is said that when you are born on earth, it's like you're entering a corridor with thousands of doors. And within that thousands of doors, there's only one door, which is open. Which one it is, so what you have to do? You can't stand there and sit and wait. No, time is running. Time is passing by. But you have to make the effort. How would you make the effort is, running fast and pushing each door not just pushing the door, stand there and say: “Oh, door is open, ah, it's locked, I'll go to the next one.” Laziness like this will not lead you anywhere. But when you give your full effort, then you will be rewarded..." 

Sri Swami Vishwananda