29 Nov 2009

Leaving the world I've known

I met Swami Vishwananda for the first time during Easter 2003. At that point, my life was organised, happy, interesting and I had good friends. Meditation had become more and more important and valuable to me. Therefore, I was not searching for a guru or spiritual teacher; I was only interested in meeting a living saint.
After meeting Swami Vishwananda, I continuously experienced deep joy and bliss with him, something I had previously experienced only in my meditations. During one interview, Swamiji cautioned me, saying, “You have to wait and be patient. One day you will understand why you have incarnated”. I was deeply touched that Swami knew about my deep longing for an answer to the question of why I had incarnated. He knew also about my tendency to blame God and to be angry with Him for my incarnation in the chaos presently on Earth. I was consoled very much that Swami knew, without my telling him, of my yearning and took it seriously by counselling me about it. Through my encounters with Swamiji I have learned that he knows me better than I know myself; he knows my desires and challenges with love, and he accepts me as I am.
Foto: 2003, Eastern in Grube Louise, Germany