28 Nov 2009

George Bush on the Altar?

At the Home of Ram Dass:
On the altar were a lot of photos of Saints and deities. Swami Vishwananda asked Ram Dass:
“You have a lovely altar, but tell me why do you have the photo of George Bush on your altar? Are you worshiping him?” “No, but you know, to all these saints and deities I can say I love you. The day I can say to George Bush, I love you, I know that I will be a good person.”
The next day Swami Vishwananda gave a Darshan, where Ram Dass and his family came. The day after we visited his place again with some devotees.
When Ram Dass came in the room, the little group of devotees greeted him. Then they saw the altar with pictures of gurus, saints, and deities. Ram Dass followed and we sang the Hanuman Chalisa and some Bhajans.
It was a Divine moment. The presence of Hanuman was very strong when Swami Vishwananda and Ram Dass were together.