14 Jun 2014

Some of Swamiji's Birthday celebrations

In many countries there where celebrations for Swamiji's Birthday, here a letter from the Russian devotees: 

Katarina writes: 

'In Russia the Birthday of our beloved Guruji is celebrated in different cities, geography of celebration covering hundreds of kilometers and several time zones!

Devotees in many cities get together to honour Swami, all gatherings being happy and joyful! People organize pujas, abishekams and yagnas.

In Nizhny Novgorod in one of our building spiritual centers devotees stared the day with group Atma Kriya and special morning prayers.
After the Gurupuja was held, followed by abishekam and yagna to Lakshmi-Narayana. We sing bhadjans, play joyful music and glorify Sri Swami Vishwananda.
In the evening full moon OM Healing will be held, the happy day will be concluded with meditation on Guruji.

The main celebration in Russia is being held in Orekhovo-Zuevo ashram.

It started with a liturgy in the new church. At 11.00 a big, more than 30 people, circle of full moon OM Healing started.

Then a big Yagna devoted to our beloved Guruji was conducted by Swami Vishwakomalananda. He said several beautiful words about Guru, then headed Guru puja and Yagna.

More happy conversations, sharing of wonderful experiences with Guruji followed over holiday plentiful prasad!'

There where much more things happening in different countries:

In Austria in Vienna, Salzburg, Lienz und Innsbruck where Swami Kuru went to do a Puja and a Satsang. 

In Czeck Rep. there was in Jaggadishen's house a Yagna for Guruji, a Guru Puja, Om Healing, some Bhajans and a Satsang.

In Spain there was Om Healing on different places of the country with Bhajan singing. 

Tandav, who is right now in Portugal writes: 
In Portugal we had a very nice program, starting with a mess in the birthplace of St. Anthony, then puja, bhajans, stories from devotees and a huge cake :) About 60 Devotees came to celebrate Swamiji's Birthday!

And last but not least the Mauritian Devotees send some Pictures from their preparation for the birthday Party and Vivi wrote: 

JGD everyone Happy birthday to our beloved Satgurudev Sri Swami Vishwananda. 
Tonight we are having prayers and bhajans in the temple. On this special occasion we have the privilege of bringing children from the orphanage to attend bhajans. 

Maha prasad will be served to them and they will also get gifts, most importantly, Guruji's blessings. Guruji was very pleased and happy when we informed Him. Have a blessed day everyone and enjoy this special day. Much love Vivi from Mauritius.