17 Jun 2014

Maha OM Healing on Guruji’s birthday

Two days ago, on Friday 13th of June, it was Guruji’s birthday. AND it was also full moon on that day, so Maha OM Healing has been scheduled for 8 o’clock in the evening. Two wonderful, auspicious events happening on the same day. Amazing.
After having nicely celebrated His birthday all day, it was time for us to have the evening session of Maha OM Healing.

Nectaria was to lead the circle. She decided to do it outside because the weather has been sunny and warm all day. With a help of few other people she prepared quite a lot of cushions and chairs on the meadow in front of the ashram. When I came, I thought, “Hmm, well that’s optimistic. It really would be nice if all the places would be full. “ It was two minutes to 8 o’clock and hardly fifteen people were there. Then, suddenly, more and more people just kept coming, both residents and guests.

In the end there were 40 of us! And it was just beautiful, especially because it has been done outside. All together we enjoyed and bathed in the sacred vibration of OM. But then the sun started setting and it became a little cold since the wind was also blowing. 

But we all already know that Guruji is always taking care of us, right? So, this time His instrument was Mataji Pravina, who was sitting by the side of the circle. She fetched some blankets (you can see her distributing them in the photo) and handed them out to all in need. Just perfect! We were all warm enough, happily and loudly chanting OOOOOOMMM.

In the photo above you can see Chaturananda enjoying the chanting. The smart phone on his leg is a proof of his being a true modern yogi. ☺

This month’s Maha OM healing was dedicated to the flood stricken regions of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia and people who lost their lives there and have been influenced by that natural disaster. We have also dedicated it to our beloved Gurudev, sending Him Love and gratitude from our hearts for being here for all of us. Thank you, dearest beloved Guruji!

(this report is written by Kanthi)