3 Jun 2014

North India Pilgrimage with Swami Vishwananda, Day 8, Satsang

May 28th, Satsang:

Paartha writes: 
After dinner (when I was already in bed) Guruji gave another satsang which I transcribed from the video recording the next day in the bus, as good as I could understand, so again forgive any possible mistakes:  

Guruji: “Today you had a lovely Darshan of Bhagalmukhi Devi and yesterday you had lovely Darshan of Jwala Devi. And you know in Jwala you have the 7 flames, each one is one of the Shaktis, each represents one of the Kundalini (centers) inside the body. That’s why the two last flames that were down in the kund, they were more brighter, burning more strongly. All the Jyotis, the three lights, the light which is the Kali light, the triangle, this represents the heart chakra, down the throat chakra and the left one, medium size, nex to the big one, is the Ajna, and the upper one the Sahasrana, the crown chakra. 
All the other places where Devis is, there is just Swaroop, the form of Her, and the pindas are part of Her, but also a form, whereas the Jwala mukhi it is Herself, the fire is Herself. 

Today we went to Baghlamukhi. When you read about Her she seems very fearsome, but in reality She is not. In the mind of people when you were reading you had another image of the temple, you thought oh my goodness she is wild and destructive, but when you went there we saw, the energy of the temple is not so. She is in one way annihilator of the negative qualities inside, She creates the balance. Some people thought oh my god,  she changes good in bad etc, no, what She wants is that one masters both sides. In every sadhana you do, you go through such stages where both qualities are present, and both qualities you have to rise above them. Krishna said to Uddhava “Don’t waste your time on good and don’t waste your time on bad, they are just passing, they don’t stay, and they will not lead you anywhere” Bhagalamukhi stands for that, master and rise above, not only the good, and not only the bad. But the tendency of man is to hang only on the good, but yet they suppress the bad inside of them. But you have both qualities inside of you. It’s just that you have to control it. If you control it, then you go above it. That’s why very often there is certain things that arise which you don’t want to see, in yourself, I am not talking about anybody else. You put it away and suppress it and put it inside yourself, not knowing where, yet it is there. That’s why in life there is a circle that repeats itself. The fact that similar experiences happen is due to that pattern, that you have not risen above it. Once you rise above it, it will stop haunting and bothering you. That’s what Bhagalamukhi stands for. Of course today we had lovely Darshan of Naino Devi. And you know it’s funny, again, like in the other temples, until now all the Darshans were wonderful. There was not one Darshan that you could do that was not nice. Today, to go to Bhagalamukhi was also very important. 

Because we are doing the Navadurga, nine Goddesses, but the nine Goddesses, they need one Mahavidya at least. There are ten Mahavidyas symbolizing the ten directions which the Shaktis look after (the 8 directions plus up and down = 10). These are the Mahavidyas. And also Naino Devi it was also really, really nice to be there."

Q: In all temples there is a big tree, why?
Guruji: Very often it was a saint who was doing tapasya (penance) there or the Pinda was located under the tree. These trees are mostly sacred trees, like the tree in Naino Devi is a Pipal Tree. The priest said that the Pipal tree is very sacred because it energizes your prayer. Pipal represents the prayer of Brahma. In the Pipal is also the birthplace of Adishesh. He was born inside the Pipal tree. That is why this tree is also dear to Lakshmi Narayan, that’s why there was also a Lakshmi Narayan temple inside. Of course you have also other trees, all deities are linked to some sort of tree (plant). 

Q: You said that when we go for Darshan if we have full trust we don’t ask anything because Mother knows what we need, and on the other hand you said that if God appears in front of you, be prepared what you ask for, so in this moment you have to ask for something or…?
Guruji: No it’s not that you have to ask for something, but being human, humans always have a demand. For example today we went to Chintpurni and one man was asking Gurdeep if I can tell about the future. Well I can tell him about his past and his future also but I am not there for that. This is the mentality of people going to the temple, they go to temple because there is an aim behind it. Most of the people. But the simple people they would go to the temple because they have this relationship and devotion, they will not need to ask anything. And also, if She appeared, it’s not that you have to ask, She knows it, but She will test you, what you want, you want an object with a limitation, or you want something which is beyond limitation, She will give you that choice. 

That’s why when Krishna appeared to Surdass (Surdass was blind) and gave him his eyes, he was able to see everything, but he did not look at anything except Krishna. Krishna said “What do you want?” And Surdass said: “Lord I have seen you, now take back these eyes”. This is the test that God puts to the person. Somebody who is not fully sundered they will fail it. They will get everything else but they will loose the most important. So He gives you the choice between the world and Himself. 

Q: Today when were offering Devis eyes, what does it symbolize? 
Guruji: Naino Devi Temple is the place where the eyes of Sati fell. 

Sri Naino Devi
Q: (I did not understand…)
Guruji: Everything is important and everything is not important. You see you have both into it. As you have eyes to see, it’s important, otherwise you would be blind. Use these eyes, cause you are looking at something good for once. And if you are looking at something good it means it brings also good things to you. Because from eyes to eyes there is always rays that flow through. These rays bring a lot of things also to you, that’s why they tell you look at the eyes (of Devi). 

Guruji then ended the satsang and everyone went to bed.

However, there was one nice thing which he said already on one of the first days: He said that he got the book “Call of the 9 Goddesses” (describing the Pilgrimage that we are doing now) already as a young boy and since then dreamed of undertaking this pilgrimage. He said that now this has finally come true, after 30 years… He also expressed the wish of repeating it with another group some time in the future.

Jay Mata Di!