5 Mar 2014

Satsang in Czech Rep. 3rd March 2014

The Satsang started at 8 pm and finished after 5 hours at 1 am. There where more than 90 questions with a wide variety of topics, which were all answered by Swamiji. Over 240 visitors came, with many people meeting Swamiji for the first time.   

Here are small excerpts from the Satsang: 

What is happening within a human after kissing Swamiji's feet?

"If you have the chance to kiss directly the feet of a divine master you have to always ask. What happens if you ask the master? He transfers certain energy into the feet, so if one humbles himself than this energy is transferred to the disciple."

What is happening during the chanting of the divine names?

"A lot is happening. If you chant the divine names you're forgetting firstly about yourself. The name of God and God is the same. This quality starts to awake. By chanting the divine names the divine will become accessible to you. God becomes close and dear to you. And this is how you become aware of His connection to you. The divine quality starts awaking inside of you. After all, the chanting of the divine name can calm the mind and get rid of the ego."

Is Krishna's peacock feather only decoration or does it have a hidden meaning?

"The peacock feather has a deep meaning inside itself. The meaning of the peacock feather symbolizes endlessness, infinity. That's why Krishna has it also as decoration on his head. He says: look, I decorate myself with infinity! Which means I'm beyond the infinity. So if the lord decorates himself with infinity means, he is beyond that. That's why we long for him."