18 Mar 2014

First Day in Vrindavan, part 2

Anantaananda writes to us from India: 

Arriving in Vrindavan, Satyanarayana Das Babaji welcomed Swami Vishwananda with a beautiful puja and it is clear to see how much Love these two have for each other. 

After a brief Kirtan session in the Ashram, Rickshaws were hired and off we went to have some Holi fun. 

No one quite new what to expect as we had seen some of the celebrations on the way into Vrindavan but the reality of what was about to happen was far different. Getting close to the Bihari Temple that Swami wanted to visit we took off our shoes, left them with the Rickshaw drivers and tried as best to follow Swami through the swarming mass of people. 

Each alley we turned left and right we were pelted with Water, coloured powered and flowers. Even that though was not a full experience until after walking round the temple we managed to push our way through the main doors. 
The Bhanke Bihari temple was packed, the floor was filthy and wet yet in the middle of the throbbing crowd Swami offered prayers and then bowed down on His knees offering oblations. 

It was surreal to see as colours and water flew all around people pushed all tried to get closer, however Swami in His humility still managed to follow etiquette upon entering the Temple and bow down. 

After some pushing with me in front and Ravi behind with Swami in the middle we managed to make our way close to the front and then after buying tickets we were ushered behind the barricade right in front. It seemed as though we stood there in front of Bhanke Bihari for ages, hundreds behind us, colour and water being thrown from all corners and Swami looking slightly unrecognisable completely covered in water and colour ;) 

We came back to the Amshram full of colour and soaking wet….

Thank you, Ananta!