20 Mar 2014

Next day in Vrindavan, part 3

Another letter from Ananta with some nice moments: 

"Day 2 started off a bit slow we had plans to leave by 10 with all the group as everyone had arrived, however as we began to walk down the road we realised that it would be better to remain in the Ashram till 4pm, that decision by Swami would prove to be one that would eventually bring joy to everyone even Babaji in the Ashram. 

We came back through the gates and Swami said lets sing bhajans so everyone started singing, then the colours came out, then the water came out and finally the coloured water… 

It was a Holi Lila that lasted over 2 hours of everyone throwing buckets of coloured water around while we sang and danced. 

Swami played with just us as Krishna would have, always having a smile on His face. It was such a beautiful experience that the pictures are all that can give a glimpse of the joy and beauty of that afternoon in the Ashram.

He was so beautiful as He told us that the pink represents love and then very sweetly began putting pink powered colour on everyone even on the deities in the Ashram ;)

After some lunch we then headed of to Barsane (Vanabhanu), which is said to be where Radha grew up. Her palace is situated at the top of the mountain and we did Parikrama around, It was a long walk up the mountain and down around 10 kilometres, however we were all in a beautiful bhav …… 

Swami was in very joyful mood and at the Top in the Temple we got to stand in front of Radha Krishna for what seemed like an eternity. As we were standing there an Sanyassi walked up to me with a small stick and some cotton wool on the end. He said it is prasad from Radha and the joy on the edge of the stick was perfume that was applied to her. 

We got to have Darshan of Her Divine scent just as Krishna would have smelled Her. The Temple was very beautiful and we sat with Swami for 5 minutes as He gave us all Prasad and then we walked back down to the Bus."