3 Aug 2013

Our Peacocks

In the beginning of May one of our peacock Ladies was breeding. Two days before Bhu Devi 4 happy, healthy little chicks came out.

We pampered them somehow - fed them with berries (blackberries were their favourites), cupcakes  and salad.

The peahenn guided her 4 chicks wonderfully - teaching them a lot and it was a great joy to watch them all together. 

Within 3 weeks they where able to fly on a tree to sleep there at a safe height, of course always covered by the mum's wings.

One day Swamiji asked us to catch one of the chicks to pet it. Swami Paranthapa was the fastest and got a little one - it was so sweet to see how Swamiji gave so much love to this little creature - a very special moment. 

Now comes the sad part of the story: 

Beginning of July, the chicks where about 6 weeks old, and during the night while they where all together in the tree, there must have been an animal like a pine marten or an owl.

The fact is that the next morning only the peahenn was still alive walking around confused, calling for her chicks - but they where not seen any more. 

Yes, it's very sad - tried to not be too attached - but it hurt a lot!     (Drishti)