10 Aug 2013

Darshan in Monaco

It was a special evening in Monaco last night

The event hall itself was a challenge: it was a huge sports hall and really not very romantic. So firstly we had to rearrange the place to merit a Swami Vishwananda event!

But Marina, the organizer, did everything very well and there were walls erected, stringed with white fabric, a carpet was laid, garlands of flowers were hung up and oversized vases were placed at each side - and already it looked quite different.

When Swamiji came, there were about 200 guests. He sang a bhajan, invited all to sing along with him and then spoke about the mind - which distracts us again and again and yet does not make us happy in the end. Rather, it is far more blissful and beneficial to focus on the qualities of the heart.

Swamiji then guided us through a beautiful meditation in which he asked us all to close our eyes and bring all our focus to our hearts. Meanwhile, Swami sang beautiful verses in praise of Radha Krishna that brought so much happiness and love to us all!

Of course there was a little of the Monaco lifestyle present there ;-)

After Darshan, Swami Vishwananda took plenty of time to give interviews to devotees and spent a lot of time guiding and counselling people. After that, the hosts had prepared a lovely Indian meal which lasted until the early hours of the morning!