16 Aug 2013

24 hours Gayatri Yagna

The following weekend there will be, like every year, a Gayatri Yagna here at Shree Peetha Nilaya. 

The special feature this year is that we recite the mantra throughout the night, from sunrise to sunrise the next day. 
This is quite a feat of strength and energy happening here! Please come rested and give your system afterwards some time to reprocess and assimilate.

About Gayatri Swami Vishwananda said last year:

"In the kurma puran which describes the gayatri they don't mention how old is the gayatri becuase it is said that the gayatri exists when creation itself happended – when you look at the Srimad Bhagavatam when the Hiranyagarbham appreared and Narayan was lying lifeless and the hiranya mergerd in to Narayana and gave him life and when he open his eyes this is when Maya started -when all cosmic creation started – even before Bramha itself. Through the Vishnu maya through the Lords cosmic energy itself bramha was created. So when Bramha was created he was confused he didn't know who he was he didn't know where he was or what his task was...like many people they don't know who they are, what they are to do, where they are going...so like bramha he was confused, he looked down and saw he was sitting on the lotus and saw a long endless rope he didn't even see Narayana and he was wondering who should I appeal – that moment he heard inside of him the gayatri mantra but he didn't hear the whole mantra what he heard inside of him only – OM Bhur Buvah Svaha."

om bhoor bhuva suvah
tat savitur vareNyam
bhargo devasya dheemahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayaat

We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light

of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness;

May it awaken our intuitional consciousness.

There is a little story about Parvati and Shiva which Swamiji told last year: 

"Once Shiva and Parvati were sitting and talking. There was a curioustiy in Parvati she always saw her lord meditating she always saw Shiva in deep tapas so she asked: "my dear lord, my dear swami, tell me on whom do you meditate? Who do you adore?"

At that moment Shiva answered: "Gayatri veda ma trusthi sadyam shakti mata bhuvihi jagat naam janani chaiva tamud pasase madahe"

He said „I am meditating on Gayatri the first cosmic form on earth and on this universe I am meditating on the mother of all,  the mother of creation the mother of this universe and into her my deep concentration is focussed and it is her that I am adoring.“

"So, here Shiva refers to her also as the Veda Mata. Which is she is the mother of veda." (S.V.)

Here the meaning of syllable as Swamiji explained it last year:

Om Bhur Buvah Swaha is the cosmic mantra of the creation itself since this is Gayatri herself. 

Tat – the first beech mantra – the first from the 24 syllables – reprsent Agni – fire – fire purifies and cleanses and also Tat represent Keshava – one name of Maha Vishnu /krishna
Sa – represent Vayu – wind /air – Narayana
Vi – Surya – the sun/Madhava
Tur – Vidhyu – the electric energy you see in the atmosphere there is electricity which is not the energy which travel around which you can not touch but acts on the etherical body – this is govinda.
Va represent Yama represent the lord of death – by chanting the gayatri mantra it remove the fear of death –  Vishnu
Re – is Varuna Lord of the water – madhusudhana
N – Brihaspati – is the guru of the devas, and in the form of Narayana is trivikrama
Yam – Prajanya – is the lord of rain – Vamana
Bha – is Indra is the lord of the demigods – Shreedhara
r / bhara/bharga (from Go) – is ghandarva – is the lord of Dancing(?) in rishikesh –
De - Pusha - the one which look after the welfare of all – Padmanabha
Va – Mitra Varunya – the friend of all, the one which is friendly to all -the real friend - Damodhara
Shya – Trusta- Vishwakarma – the great artist/architect -this one share the artistic quality from within -Shankarshana
Dhi -Vasu- one who abide everywhere.- Vasudev
Ma- Maruta - marutatavekam – is another name for Hanuman-(maruthi nandana) -wind god – maruthi-wind god, nandana-sun – maruthinanda- windgod and is Prajumna which stands for soma – the moon but also Soma stands for elixir of longevity it stands for medicinal healing -anniruthra
Hi- Angiras which means fire like agni but denotes light – Purushotama
Yo(ya) – Vishwadeva – is the one who give the world - Adhokshaja
Yo (ya) not yo yo but ya ya first yo is ya - vishwadeva and then the second ya is the Ashwini Kumar – who is twins – their duty – they are the great doctors it is narasimha
Nah – is Prajapati is the creator – achyuta
Pra – Sarva – omnipresent – Janardhana
Cho- is Rudra – Shiva but the different is Shiva is calm Rudra is wild, Rudra means the annhilation of everything -its Upendra
Da – is Bramha – the creator – Sri hari
Yat- is Vishnu – protector and is Krishna