11 Dec 2012

In the Presence of a Teacher - Swami Vishwananda talks about Darshan

Excerpt of a speech from Sri Swami Vishwananda about Darshan:

"It’s the same: to be among the Teacher, even if the Teacher doesn’t even look at you or talk to you, you always receive something. You always receive because your soul is immersed with the Love of God.
This Love has everything into it. Always people say to me “Well, I want to talk to you.” You know about it, huh? “I want to have a small minute with you...” And well I say “Later, later.” Sometimes later doesn’t come so quickly!
But you know when you come for darshan what you receive is much more than what your mind understands. What you are given just may seem a touch for you, but is much more than what you can talk about, because the talking is limitation. Even if you are bound by these three things: the mind, the matter and the spirit are like three strands of a rope, you know. 
What you receive during darshan is the infusion of the knowledge inside of you, but for that you have to calm your mind. That is why I always say “Calm your mind. Open your heart.” 
Until your heart is not yet fully opened, until you have not come to this quiet state of yourself, you are still searching. But search not outside, search inside of you. Try to calm your mind. Try to go inside of you. You will see what you have received."