20 Dec 2012

Swami Vishwananda speaks about 21st December, 2012

What Swami Vishwananda said about 21st December 2012:

"So how many people do believe that the world will end in 2012? Eh, nothing will happen. Why do all of you have to concentrate on fear? Eh?  Every time.

You see, you are here, to live freely, to live to attain God, to be free! And then you run after all these predictions. If it is not 2012, it will be 2036, or 2021 or whatever... then you live in fear. Then it will come, okay, 2012, nothing happened, oh good, and great saints have taken upon them, and have saved humans. You know? But it is not like this. Why do you have to live on prediction? Why can’t you just live, freely? Why do you have to live in fear? 

Bother about now, be now, you are happy now. Live now, in the moment. Why do you have to worry for the future? Worry that you attain only Him, you know? That you should worry about, that you do everything to attain Him.

To worry about something that is not in your hand - why do you waste your time? You like to worry, eh? Humans love that, and then they say, “No, no, no, no, we don’t like to worry,” but then when you call them, and say, “Come, tell me,” they say, “Oh, you know, this is worrying me, this is worrying me and that is worrying me.”
(Excerpt from JUST LOVE – Questions & Answers, 2012)


"So it is the time where your inside is calling you, you see the world how it is changing. For sure everybody is asking “Why is it happening?” Some people say that in 2012 the world will end, which I always laugh about, but no. Nothing will happen in 2012. What has to happen has to happen here. The change has to happen within you and this depends on the now. If you really want that unconditional Love to awaken, you have to will it also, strongly. And when you do
that, of course, God from inside sends outside help also. He doesn’t leave you alone. He makes it easy for you."
(Excerpt from JUST LOVE 3, Journey to love)


On a question, if there will be a shift in consciousness and energy:
"Pray. You see, we are in 2012, no? Finally, this great year has arrived! So, we will see, in 2013, what happens. Some people say that at the end of 2012 it will be the end of the world. Good. It’s nice, no? If it is the end of the world, you will get mukti, which means heaven will be packed full (audience is laughing).
And, ‘a shift of consciousness’, well, for the shift of consciousness to happen, you have to work on yourself, no? You can’t sit and wait, and say, “Okay. I don’t need to do anything!” At the end of the year the world will change completely, there will be a shift of consciousness so I will become a saint! If it was so easy, the yogis would say that it doesn’t matter. No. It all depends on nowhow much you change yourself. Whether there will be a shift of consciousness or not, whether it will be the end of the world or not, it depends on you now."

"Some people say that in 2012, on 21st of December everybody will become   enlightened. If it was so easy, I would tell you, “Just sit down,” you know?  “Don’t do anything.” You don’t need to do anything if you will be enlightened, no? 
If it was so easy – the saints are meditating, the saints are chanting Divine Names, just to get His grace, and if you just think that on the 21st of December, 2012, God will just say, “Okay, I am merciful today. I give it to everybody,” like that... hey, you will not be able to handle it. You will go crazy! You will find nothing will happen in 2012. And if you really want something to happen, if you really think
that you will get enlightened or whatever, you can attain His Grace on the 21st of December, and if you strongly believe in that... start working from now, on. Strongly. You will, probably, attain His Grace. But then if you feel that in 2012 the world will end - well sadly to say, no, it will not end, but probably. Because if you think so intensely in that, it will be the end for you. Maybe you die. It will be the end of something."

"But one thing has changed: many more people are on the spiritual path. That is good. Many people are searching for something more in life, because, you see, the outside world has its limitation, it gives you limited happiness. If you want that limited happiness, you will be happy only for a short while. If you want real happiness, you have to dedicate yourself. You have to do your sadhana, no? 
I said this about the crisis in Serbia. Well there are crises - not only in Serbia, but everywhere. That’s why I said, “Pray for your country.” Not only for oneself, but pray for the country itself. And make people pray for the country, it is important."
(Excerpts from JUST LOVE, Questions and Answers, 2012)