27 Nov 2012

In the spirit of Saint Nicholas

On the 6th of December we honour St. Nicholas.

As all of you surely know, St. Nicholas lived in present-day Turkey as a son of very rich parents. His parents died early. He found no joy in his life – nothing satisfied him or made him happy.

One day he secretly went outside of his palace and met the beggars – now he knew what to do: he sold all of his possessions and gave them what they needed! This giving satisfied him and made him happy!

As by the example of Saint Nicholas we would like to do the same at the suggestion of Swami Vishwananda.

That is why we would ask you to:

Please bring a gift to Darshan on 29th of November or 1st of December which then will be passed on:
  • Gingerbread, Chocolate, Nuts, Apples ... (the traditional St. Nicholas treats)
  • Warm Gloves, Socks, Scarves and Hats
We have placed a Christmas tree in the entrance hall under which you can lay your gifts.

On 6th of December we then will share your gifts with the people in need and several aid organisations in the area around Springen. The treats will also go to two nursery schools in the neighbouring villages.

Of course you can also find places in your neighbourhood where hungry people meet and can help (by the way not only on 6th of December) as exemplified by St. Nicholas!

The joy that we create by such giving doesn’t only warm the heart of those who receive the gifts but also nourishes and warms our own heart! It feels wonderful!