4 Nov 2012

Swami Vishwananda Arrives in India

Yesterday, in the early morning (Saturday, 2. Nov.) Swami Vishwananda arrived in the Calcutta Airport.  The pilgrimage-group had already reached there one day before and picked him up. 

The first place they visited was the Kali Temple at Kalighat. 

The image of Kali in this temple is unique, featuring three huge eyes, long protruding tongue made of gold, and four hands. Two of these hands hold a sword and a detached head. The Sword implies Divine Knowledge and the Human Head implies human Ego which must be killed by Divine Knowledge to attain Moksha. The other two hands are in the abhaya and varada mudras, or blessings, which mean her devotees will be saved by her.

Later on they went to the main Charity place of Mother Theresa and visited her Samadhi. 

Of course, being in Calcutta, they also visited the childhood home of Yogananda:

Paartha, who helped to organize this pilgrimage, promised to update us with pictures and stories. Hopefully he will find time and internet access to send them to us!